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In 1999, The University of California Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) pilot tested microfibre mops for a year to see how they compared with wet loop mops. The results were staggering! Switching to microfibre mops equated to a 60% lifetime cost savings, a 95% reduction in chemical costs associated with mopping tasks and 20% labour savings per day!

Even though the microfibre mops cost UCDMC over three times more than loop mops, the microfiber mop heads were guaranteed to withstand 500 washings! Conventional mops on the other hand would likely only withstand 55 washings, translated to a low lifetime cost for the microfiber mops.

Why do Microfibres Clean so Well?

Microfibre material designed for cleaning purposes is made from a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon). In the best quality cleaning textiles the fibre is split during the manufacturing process to produce spaces in each fibre. It’s the split fibre working in conjunction with the space between them that do the work.

Fun Facts about Microfibre Cleaning Products

  • The reason that microfibre towels, cloths and mops are so effective is that they are multi-taskers; they absorb liquid and they pick up and hold the dust and dirt!
  • To test the quality of a microfibre item, run the palm of your hand over it. If it grabs the imperfections on your skin then it’s split.
  • Microfibre cleaning products are positively charged. Dirt and dust are negatively charged, so they’re literally attracted to microfibre like a magnet.
  • Microfibre cleaning tools can withstand between 500-600 hundred washings! For best results wash them on their own, and hang dry.
  • Microfibre mops, cloths and towels do not require chemical cleaners! Just try them dry or wet and see the dramatic results for yourself! Still not sold? Try them on a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.