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Going to work, school, the gym, the mall or out for a coffee with friends has been put on hold indefinitely as we responsibly social distance ourselves from others. It’s not just our daily routines that have been turned upside down, it’s our freedom to come and go that we’re learning to redefine. So it’s not that surprising if you and your cabin mates are going a little, a lot, stir crazy. Experts say the key is to keep busy. Spending too much time online right now can leave you feeling defeated, so we’ve compiled some ideas to keep you from having to Google “how to curb Canadian cabin fever”.

  1. Read to laugh your face off. 
  2. Read to learn. Popular right now is Soap and Water & Common Sense by Dr. Bonnie Henry. The ebook is available on
  3. Spring has sprung! Time to purge your winter wardrobe
  4. Pick up groceries or pharmaceuticals for elderly neighbours.
  5. Start a blog and tell the world how you’re coping. Use photographs of your freshly baked bread, use video to show your amateur ukulele skills. 
  6. Walk the dog.
  7. Learn how to paint a portrait, or finish a knitting project. Get a head start on do-it-yourself Christmas or birthday gifts.
  8. Let your inner child roam freely and create a Lego city!
  9. Organize the pantry, clean up the stink under your sink, or clean the fridge.
  10. Have kids? Whip up some slime. No kids but want an excuse to make slime? Make cleaning slime to clean your keyboard. 
  11. Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog.
  12. Do a puzzle, break-it up and do another.
  13. Learn a new language. You can start by downloading the DuoLingo app!
  14. Learn the words to your favourite song. (Bonus points if you choreograph a dance!)
  15. Learn the words to every single Hamilton song, and or other favourite Broadway hit.
  16. Make phone calls.
  17. Enjoy a guilt-free nap.
  18. Host a Zoom, GoToWebiner, Skype or FaceTime session with friends.
  19. Like ticking big ugly things off your to do list? Do your taxes, or clean dirty screen doors 
  20. Daydream.
  21. Solo plank challenge, or online workouts. Tons of these are free right now! 
  22. Clean your smelly washer
  23. Make soup.
  24. Create playlists and send them to your friends!
  25. Drink more water than usual because you have access to a bathroom.
  26. Find ways to laugh. Old movies. Bad jokes. Try and keep your spirits high.

If you find yourself with extra free time, take a browse through our Cleaning Blog and read through some of our greatest hits. There’s no time like the present to try something new or tackle a cleaning task you’ve been putting off all winter!