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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19 and we’ve got some great ideas on how to make it special. Forego the sea of mass-produced sentiments for a truly unique and personal gift. Our top five favourite Father’s Day gifts are thoughtful and heartfelt because they speak to his interests and what he loves to do.

Foodie Dad

If your dad is a budding chef, plant a few herbs in a window box for the kitchen, or buy a fancy brand of BBQ sauce. Having fresh ingredients on hand can be inspiring. Pair it with a few homemade gift certificates for washing the dishes to make the gift complete!

Don’t forget the card! Homemade cards are even nicer, especially from kids.

Sporty Dad

If your dad is active, a DIY deodorizer for his gym shoes may be just what he needs! Quick and easy to make, these little beauties will keep his shoes smelling fresh. Here’s a DIY shoe deodorizer that will last a month: mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 10 drops of essential oil. Give it a stir, then place 1 tbsp of the mixture into the centre of a coffee filter. Gather edges and tie securely. Make sure to make one for the other shoe too.

Handy Dad

If your dad is Mr. Fixit, help him whistle while he works with a personalized playlist. Load it with all his favourites and a few new tunes you think he’d like. Buy him a new tape measure, pair of work gloves, or a gift certificate to his favourite hardware store.

Four-Wheel Dad

If your dad’s car is his pride and joy, keep it smelling good with a DIY homemade rear-view mirror deodorizer. Print off a favourite photo of you and your dad. Trace the shape onto craft foam (available at art stores and most Dollar Stores) and cut out the design. Add 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil onto the cut-out craft foam and let it dry. Glue the image or photo onto the craft foam. Make a hole at the top using a hole puncher and add some string.

Overworked Dad

If your dad’s been working too much lately, help him to relax this Father’s Day. Breakfast in bed is a good start, better yet, let him sleep in while you offer to take the dog out for a morning walk. Give him a day pass for no chores and lots of family time! Lounge by the pool or listen to his favourite podcast.

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash