Face Masks: This Year’s Back-to-School Essential's featured image

Face Masks: This Year’s Back-to-School Essential

The first day of school is fast approaching, which means it’s time to make a game plan to keep our kids safe. One of the strategies proposed by school boards is that children over the age of 10 (grades 4-12) must wear a face mask. Luckily, it’s something kids have gotten used to over the past few months. So when you head out to shop for backpacks, pens, and notebooks, don’t forget to stock up on reusable face masks.

Face mask fashion trends

Children are more likely to wear their face mask if it’s a print or colour they like. From sports teams to political causes to fast-food manufacturers, everyone’s getting into face mask production. Face masks are one of the most important tools to practice good hygiene, just make sure that the masks you purchase for your kids are specifically designed for children.

How many masks do you need?

The experts recommend that children have two clean masks every day, one for the morning, and the second one to be used after lunch. Which means you’ll need to stockpile masks, to allow time for them to cycle through the wash. Pack the clean masks in your child’s backpack in either a paper or resealable bag. Teach and practice good hygiene routines. Children should learn to remove their masks from the clean bag using the ear straps, and to fold the used one mouth side in before placing it in the bag.

Where to buy your masks?

Companies like Crayola, Disney, even Mabel’s Labels are now selling colourful masks for children in packs of four, five and ten as part of their back-to-school offerings. Even larger quantities of masks for children—up to 50 in some cases—can be found on Amazon. Etsy, the e-commerce site for handmade items, has a large selection of face shields. Choose from cartoons, animals, and plants. Plus, many companies are making doll and stuffy-sized face shields so kids can match with their toy companions.

Until it becomes the new norm, you’ll need to remind your child to put their used face masks in the hamper at the end of each day. For an easy reminder, consider hanging a cloth laundry bag in your entryway closet. This will also make it easy for you too. Find tips for washing reusable face masks in our blog, Reusable Masks 101.