Getting the Best Results from your Dishwasher's featured image

Any appliance repair specialists will agree: no two dishwashers are created equal. What’s more, every single one of these experts not only carries tools and spare parts; they each carry a wealth of experience and more than a few of tricks of the trade. Here’s a handy list of their top dos and don’ts to keep your dishwasher in tip top shape.

Do Use Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

Time and time again, service call logs reveal that out of desperation, people think that hand washing detergent, laundry soap, shampoo; even bars of soap are comparable replacements. In a pinch? Scrape and rinse your dishes, and run the load without any dishwashing detergent at all.

Don’t Use Eco Tablets

Unfortunately, out of the 4 technicians we interviewed for this blog post, not one of them recommended environmentally friendly dishwashing pacs. The consensus was that the detergent in the chemical-free packets doesn’t break down as well as the others. They all agreed that the best dishwasher detergents are the ones with a built-in rinse aid.

Do Use Hot Water

Before you program and press start on your dishwasher panel, run the water on your tap until it’s too hot to touch. Only then, press start on your dishwasher. Again, all the repair professionals we spoke with agreed that hot water temperatures help break down soap, grease, and any mould that might be lingering in the hoses or hard-to-reach parts of the dishwasher.

Don’t Load Wine Glasses

Although all dishwashers are designed to wash our most used dishes and stem wear, it’s best to hand wash wine glasses. Glass expands once the dishwasher starts running, and glasses that you carefully separated can potentially clang or rub up against each other. One common repair issue is broken pumps due to pieces of wine glass making their way through the drain system.

Do Use A Dishwasher Cleaner

Whether you do it on the 1st of the month, or the last, schedule a monthly “cleaner” day. There are dozens of dishwasher cleaners on the market. These gentle scouring giants are formulated to clean and deodorize the insides of the machine and they also help flush out residue and debris that sticks to the draining hose. In a pinch? Pour 250ml of white vinegar into a dishwasher safe cup or bowl, place it in the top rack, then run your dishwasher as if it had a full load.

The dishwasher is by far the most complex appliance in a home. On the one hand, it’s a workhorse that’s able to tackle grease and a variety of foods particles, all hours of the day. But, on the other hand, it definitely needs some extra TLC. Thanks to these insider tips, you can definitely extend the life of your dishwasher tenfold.