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Give Your Dad the Gift of Organization this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it looks like we’ll be celebrating at home, again. So, if you’re still scrambling for a gift, we’ve got you covered. This year, surprise dad with the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of organization! Let’s be honest, it’s a gift we could all use. Thoughtful, helpful, personal and sometimes even homemade these 4 gifts are guaranteed to make dad smile.

Handy Key Finder

Everyone loses their keys from time to time, so mom will love this gift just as much as your dad. A Bluetooth key finder is a perfect solution. Looking for something less techy, why not hang a shiny new hook at the front and back entrance reserved just for dad’s keys. Personalize it with a painted plaque or colourful sticker – just ask mom first.

DIY Desk Organizer Plus Charging Station

Whether working from home or from the office, you can give your dad the gift of better workflow with a desk organizer or charging dock. Fancy ones can be found online or get creative and make one yourself. Go retro and decorate a recycled soup can with yarn and a photo for pens and pencils or better yet upcycle a box with decorative paper to create a hidden recharging station (just snake cords in a hole in the back. FYI, Lego character hands make for excellent USB cable holders.

BBQ Toolbox

If your dad is the family Grill Master, think bbq accessories. Tools, books, fancy condiments or an apron may be just the WOW factor you’re looking for. Prefer to get crafty? Head to the Dollarstore for a basic craft caddy that can be transformed into dad’s portable BBQ tool kit. Stuff it full of all his favourite bbq equipment: tongs, oven mitts, metal skewers, and then add a few small-batch condiments to up his game.

Stylish Tie Organization

Since most of the world has made the switch to work casual and there’s been no special occasions to get to, dad’s likely shoved his ties to the back of his dresser. Ties are one of the few fashion choices where men can make a statement, so help him keep his ties tidy by creating a special tie box. Decorate it with fancy paper or your own artwork and make sure it fits nicely (not too big/not too small) into one of his dresser drawers. Then, carefully roll each tie and place in the box for easy access!


LINK TO: rules to keeping a tidy desk

Photo by Joice Kelly on Unsplash