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Plans for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Day Celebration


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to go out to celebrate special occasions. All you need are some supplies and a little time to tidy up. Because, it’s not where you are but who you’re with – even if by Zoom.  So, this Valentine’s, we’ve pulled together 7 safe and cozy ways to celebrate at home.

Cook Together

Expand your culinary skills with a romantic dinner for two. Make it a three-course affair! Start with an appetizer you can share, follow that up with something that sizzles, and finish it all off with an ooey gooey chocolate fondue! Wash the dishes together too!

Create a Memorable Playlist

Instead of relying on Spotify to set the mood, why not create a playlist with sentimental value? Pour a drink, sit by the fire and add only songs that mean something to both of you. Start with the song that was playing when you first met or the song you first danced to and go from there!

Scavenger Love Hunt

Whether kid-friendly or with a sexy twist, it’s up to you. Cinnamon hearts, chocolate and roses, or coupons for hugs and kisses, a back rub or breakfast in bed are also worth considering. Make a map or leave clues, all you need is a little creativity.

Netflix Marathon

While you may think you’ve watched all there is to see on Netflix, one of the most anticipated limited series, Inventing Anna, is being released this month. Or head over to Amazon Prime Video for the Book of Love, a V-day romcom sure to please. Tuck in for a cozy night with plenty of snacks nearby.

Go Old School with a Board Game

Choose a favorite board game, but change the rules to make it more romantic. Scrabble lovers can opt to use only love words. The word love is worth 7 points, heart is worth 8 and sex is worth 10! Instead of saying sorry in the game Sorry, switch it up for a kiss! Too confusing? You can always just stick with Twister.

Uber Eats From Your Favourite Restaurant

Takeout is always a great option (that eliminates a stack of dirty dishes). Order from your favourite restaurant or try something new. Then, dress it up with candles and mood lighting, or relax by only ordering appetizers for an indoor picnic.


There is no brighter constellation in the night sky than Orion, the Hunter. And there is no better time to view Orion than an early evening in February, so bundle up and pack a thermos of hot chocolate. What could be more romantic? Stay up all night and watch the sun set and rise together.

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