Housekeeping your Condo: A Beginner’s Guide's featured image

The greatest perk to condo life is the low-maintenance lifestyle.  Not having to shovel snow, clean gutters, rake leaves or worry about leaks in the roof gives you more time to enjoy what you like doing best. But unfortunately, this advantage doesn’t extend inside the unit. A cleaning routine is still a must for condo living. Wondering where to start? Here’s your cheat sheet:

Million Dollar View

Floor to ceiling windows offer spectacular views, but if they’re not clean your place will look more shabby than chic. So schedule a weekly window cleaning. For an effective homemade window cleaner, mix equal parts white vinegar with warm water – and remember your squeegee to avoid streaks. And throw on your favourite song to dance around to while cleaning!

Air it Out 

To control temperature and eliminate drafts, modern buildings are built airtight. As a consequence, the air in your condo can seem stale. As often as possible, open your windows and sliding doors to let fresh air in. Plants and essential oil diffusers are excellent air purifiers. They’ll help keep the atmosphere in your condo healthy and promote wellness.

Everything in its Place

In a small space, clutter can become a big problem. Buying furniture with hidden storage works wonders for things like TV remotes, magazines, throw blankets and kids’ toys. Adopting a clean-as-you-go housekeeping policy will also make a huge difference. Empty your dishwasher first thing in the morning so you can load dirty dishes during the day; keeping them out of the sink and out of sight. Put clothes away once you’ve done your laundry. The more you don’t put off, the less cluttered your space will be.

Trim your Trash

If you feel you’re constantly running to the garbage shoot down the hall, consider having a trash compactor installed. Compressing waste will minimize its volume and size allowing you to dispose less. Depending when your condo was built, you may have access to a garburator. Make sure to keep it smelling fresh by scheduling a monthly deep clean.

You can easily avoid time-consuming jobs that manifest when you don’t clean regularly. Adopting a daily tidy habit and following up with a weekly cleaning routine will not only improve your view, it’ll hugely impact your well-being.