Indoor and Outdoor Homemade Window Cleaning Solution's featured image

Who needs expensive store-bought products when you can achieve sparkling clean windows with everyday household items? Here are some effective (and budget-friendly) homemade solutions to tackle grime on interior and exterior windows, and learn why they work so well!

For Sparkling Indoor Windows:

The Classic Vinegar Vibe

This tried-and-true method is fantastic for everyday cleaning. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. The vinegar’s acidity cuts through dirt, grease and even hard water stains. The water dilutes the vinegar’s strength, preventing it from damaging window tinting or leaving streaks.

The Grease-Cutting Champion

For windows exposed to cooking fumes, add a few drops of dish soap (like Dawn) to your vinegar and water solution, click here for more details. Dish soap breaks down greasy grime thanks to its surfactants, which are molecules that lift and trap dirt and grease in the cleaning solution. This allows you to easily rinse it away, leaving your kitchen windows grease-free.

Taming the Outdoor Elements:

The Power of Rubbing Alcohol

For windows that battle outdoor dirt and dust, rubbing alcohol is your friend. Combine equal parts rubbing alcohol, water, and a splash of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Rubbing alcohol is a great solvent, meaning it dissolves many grimy substances. It also evaporates quickly, minimizing streaks on your windows.

The Coffee Filter Champion

Skip the paper towels! Opt for lint-free coffee filters to buff your windows dry. They’re gentle on glass because they’re made from soft, woven fibres that won’t scratch the surface. Coffee filters are also highly absorbent, allowing you to quickly remove excess cleaning solution and ensure a streak-free finish.

Tips for Cleaning Windows Successfully:

  • Work on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight dries your cleaning solution too quickly, making streaks more likely.
  • Clean from top to bottom. This way, drips and dirty runoff don’t stain your freshly cleaned areas.
  • Flip your cleaning cloths. Use one side to clean and the other for drying to avoid spreading dirt.


Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash