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The 20/10 Cleaning Method Could Change Your Life!


Let’s be honest, we all struggle to keep up with our cleaning routine from time to time. Ask for advice and we’re faced with endless ways to tackle the cleaning, from ‘clean as you go’ to ‘save up all the chores for one big day of cleaning’. But, have you tried the 20/10 method?

What is the 20/10?

Invented by Rachel Hoffman, the 20/10 approach to cleaning is to work hard for 20 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. It’s that simple. And while you may not think 20 minutes is a long time, you’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish. The secret is knowing you have a break ahead, which makes the chore less daunting. Consider it a reward for a job well done. Flip through a magazine, listen to a short podcast or grab a glass of water and chill.

How the 20/10 works

While you may not finish the task you started within the 20-minute timeframe, you can return to give it as many 20/10s as you need. It’s just a different way of looking at getting chores done. No longer a marathon, your chores become a series of sprints. In essence, you break a large task down into manageable pieces. For example, instead of thinking “I have to clean my room”. Focus on one task, “I have to make my bed.” It’s all a matter of perspective. Quick spurts of cleaning will reduce stress and keep you motivated.

Interesting note: Another tip to keeping motivated this summer? Take before and after photos. Not only a great motivator it will also highlight those areas that need the most attention in your home.

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