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7 Steps to Minimize Pet Mess on Floors


Post-covid pet ownership is on the rise. A recent survey shows that 73% of all Canadian households now have a pet, more than 15% pre-covid! Life is better with a furry friend, but they’re also notorious for getting dirty. From piles of fur to muddy paw prints to spilled water dishes, it’s sometimes hard to keep things clean – especially our floors.  Fortunately, Molly Maid has a few tips to keep the mess at a minimum.

Brush Your Pet Regularly

Most dogs and cats shed, so fur-related messes are the number one issue pet owners face. Keep hair buildup at bay with daily brushing sessions. If possible, brush your pet outside to keep loose fur out of your home.

Clean Your Pet’s Feet After Going on Walks

Dogs can track in dirt and mud, so establish a grooming routine after every walk (and share it with every family member). Having a heavy-duty doormat at your front entrance is a good start, add an old towel, wet wipes, and a spray bottle to clean muddy paws before you let them inside.

Use Quality Floor-Cleaning Supplies

To combat pet mess on your floors you need a good electrostatic broom and pet-appropriate vacuum cleaner. These are the most effective tools for eliminating pet hair from your home. In high traffic areas, adopt a daily floor-cleaning routine to keep pet hair from drifting into nooks and crannies. Then, sweep and vacuum the rest of the house at least once a week.

Immediately Clean Up Accidents

Living with pets means you’ll occasionally have to clean up accidents – especially with young pets, like puppies and kittens. Act fast and use enzyme-based cleaners to get feces, urine and vomit out of the carpet and off hardwood floors as effectively as possible.

Create a Space for Your Pet

Buy your pet a comfortable bed (preferably with a machine washable cover) that you can clean easily once a week. Then, find a corner to place it that’s not too far from where you spend most of your time. Dogs in particular like to be part of the pack. Over time, it will become their go-to spot, as a result most of your pet’s hair and dirt will remain confined to that space.

Maintain Your Pet’s Food & Water Area

Just like we wash our dishes after every use, your pet’s dish deserves the same treatment. While you’re at it, wipe down the floors, wall and baseboards around your cat and dog’s eating area once a week. Consider placing a mat under the food and water bowls as added protection for floors from the odd drip and splash.

Schedule Household Cleaning Services from Molly Maid

Keeping floors clean with pets is quite a task – and that’s just one item on your list of household chores. If you need assistance getting everything done give Molly Maid a call. Choose from one of our flexible cleaning options, which range from a single deep-cleaning to occasional cleaning to routine assistance with household chores.

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