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As we approach the end of the calendar year, it’s time for a much-needed extensive clean-up of one of the most frequently used rooms in our homes—the bathroom. Welcome to Bathroom Bootcamp: The End of the Year Clean-Up Checklist. Follow this guide to ensure that your bathroom starts the new year fresh, organized, and ready for a clean slate.

Declutter and Organize

Start off your bathroom bootcamp by decluttering and organizing. Dispose of expired products, empty bottles, and items no longer in use, and invest in organizers for your drawers and cabinets to maintain order. Looking for other items to relocate? Check out this blog! (LINK TO:

Deep Clean Surfaces

Provide your bathroom surfaces with a thorough scrub-down. From countertops to mirrors, faucets to showerheads, every surface should sparkle. Don’t overlook neglected areas like grout lines and corners. Did you know lemons work wonders in the shower? We show you how in this blog. (LINK TO:

Revitalize Grout and Sealants

Over time, grout can become discoloured, and sealants may wear off. Use a grout cleaner to refresh the grout, and reapply sealant to prevent water damage. If your grout needs to be replaced, call a professional or update your skills with helpful DIY videos on how you can re-grout yourself.

Inspect and Clean Drains

Clogged drains can lead to unpleasant odours and slow drainage. Remove debris and hair from drains with a handy drain snake and consider using a drain cleaner for a more thorough clean. Baking soda is a great alternative to harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning drains (especially when paired with the drain snake). Here’s how! and the%20process%20much%20more%20effective

Refresh Towels and Accessories

Treat yourself to new towels, bathmats, and shower curtains. Have two full sets of the traditional towel collection (beach, bath, hand, face) per family member. Basically, one set in use and the other in the wash. It’s recommended to wash bath towels after 3 uses. If you can’t launder mid-week, you may need an additional set per person.

Evaluate and Restock Supplies

Take stock of your bathroom supplies and create a shopping list for items that need replenishing. This includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, and any other essentials.


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