Vinegar: Its many Lawn and Garden Secrets

Most people know that vinegar is a useful and efficient cleaning product for the indoors. But it can perform like magic outside too.

How to protect your Pets this Summer

The professional residential cleaners at MOLLY MAID advise that it is important to consider our pet’s comfort, well-being and safety when travelling in our vehicles during the warm summer months.

How to Clean your Dog’s Teeth

Cesar Millan recommends a few simple habits to help reduce the risk of your pet developing dental problems.

Get rid of it: Indoor Safety Concerns

Keep your home as safe as possible by staying on top of these concerns: Fire alarms: Make sure all alarms (smoke and carbon monoxide) are in good working condition and placed in the right areas of your home. There should be one on each floor. Choose a month (February works) and replace batteries annually, or […]

Keeping a Pet Friendly Home

You may well have been fortunate enough to welcome a new pet into your home over the holidays. You've probably also heard that people who have pets generally live longer, have lower blood pressure and are less stressed. However, MOLLY MAID, the professional residential house cleaners, know that pet owners also generally have more housecleaning […]

Holiday Tricks: Clean and Decorate for the Holidays

When you combine cleaning with decorating for the holidays, the time will go by quickly and oh so enjoyably! Here are five great holiday cleaning tips while you decorate:   Make Space for the Christmas Tree: Most people have to make space for an indoor Christmas tree. As you move chairs and other furnishings around, […]

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Bonfire Night party and safety tips Planning on firing up the fireworks in your back garden come the 5th of November, or heading off to your local Bonfire Night display? Whatever your plans, the professional residential cleaners, MOLLY MAID, are fizzing with bright ideas for making sure children and adults alike have a blast on […]

Biggest Dust Collectors – and what you can do about them

There are some household items and furnishings that just love dust – and it seems there's not much you can do to stop the problem… but maybe there is! The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have a few suggestions: Carpeting: The best – and unfortunately most expensive – avoidance strategy is to replace wall-to-wall carpeting with […]

Summer Madness: How to Keep Dust to a Dull Roar

With people wandering in and out of the house all summer, it's easy for floors and carpets to become very dusty. The home service professionals at MOLLY MAID provide these tips to help avoid that from happening: Make it a rule that everyone removes their shoes at the entrance of your home to avoid tracking […]

The Heat is on: How to Care for your Dog in Summer Temperatures

Here’s how to keep your dog happy and healthy this summer.

Dog Day Afternoon: How to Groom Your Pet

If you own a dog, you know how much dirt and dust they can bring into your home. They also start smelling like a dog, so to speak, if they don't get regular baths. So why not plan a do-it-yourself spa day for your dog? Your pet will probably love all the attention – and […]

Hair Today: Eliminate Pet Hair so it’s Gone Tomorrow

You love your dog, but pet hair unfortunately is part of the deal. While many people avoid wearing black so the hair is not so visible, there are ways you can help to reduce and sometimes eliminate pet hair in your home. First and foremost, sweep and vacuum almost every day, say the maid service […]

Protect your Pets this Winter

There’s nothing like tossing snowballs into the air for your dog on a beautiful winter’s day, but it’s important to remember that despite the fur coat, pets need to be protected from the whole blast of wintry problems.

How Safe are your Cleaning Products?

Household cleaners can be tough on some people; irritating airways and eyes, and even making allergy or asthma symptoms worse. Green cleaning comes to the rescue, say the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID. Green cleaning is all about protecting the health and safety of your family, friends and pets, and it also helps to protect […]

Fetch This: Keep Pet Toys Squeaky Clean!

Pets love their toys, but have you taken a close look at the condition of some of them lately? Experts recommend that pet toys should be sorted and cleaned regularly.

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