Clean up after April Fool’s Day

Love April Fool's Day pranks but hate the clean-up?  Not to worry, say the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID who share a few tricks of their own here to help you tackle two particularly icky stains. Vaseline  – Spreading Vaseline on a door knob can get a few good laughs, but then someone goes and […]

How to Bust the Dust in Your Home

As winter slowly turns into spring, the dust in your home seems to become more obvious. The fact there is more sunlight is one reason (sun seems to make dust shine too!). The other reason may be that your home is becoming a little cluttered; with the weather lately we don’t know if we should […]

Dog Breath Be Gone: MOLLY MAID Knows What To Do!

The cold weather may mean you are snuggling more often with your pooch… but those slobbery kisses and panting in your face are a huge reminder that a dog's breath can be pretty nasty. Here are 3 easy tricks to help freshen your dog's breath (and it won't cost a fortune!) RAW BONES: If you […]

How to Remove Pet Hair: It’s Like Magic

If you need to remove pet hair from a carpet or chair, put on a pair of latex gloves and rub the surface with the pet hair on it – the pet hair should stick to your gloves. This will also work with rubber gloves or cloth gardening gloves that have a rubber coating on […]

How to Keep Your Pet Squeaky Clean! MOLLY MAID Provides Some Tips

Read as experts from Molly Maid discuss how to make bath time more enjoyable for your pet. Get an in-home cleaning estimate from your local Molly Maid today.

Garden Plants That May Harm Your Pets – MOLLY MAID Provides a List

A Garden can add colour to your home, but experts from MOLLY MAID caution you on the common plants that are toxic to animals. Contact our cleaning experts today!

Pets Living with You? Follow this Simple Cleaning Tip from MOLLY MAID

Try this simple & effective cleaning tip when you fill your pets food & water bowl. Call Molly Maid today for an eco-friendly cleaning service in your area.

Learn How to Keep Your Home Smelling Clean and Fresh with Cleaning Tips from Molly Maid!

Checking filters is an important cleaning task that keeps your home smelling clean & fresh all year long. Call us for help with your cleaning routine.

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