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Molly Maid Reveals Today’s Top Cleaning Challenges


On Mother’s Day we asked our Facebook followers to post their biggest cleaning challenge. Given the 5 Molly Maid gift certificates that were up for grabs, we received input from coast to coast! “The bathroom is the biggest challenge. Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, but it seems as soon as I clean it, the sink is all dirty with toothpaste and watermarks again.”

Not surprisingly, cleaning the bathroom is the most dreaded chore. Digging deeper into the comments, cleaning the shower and bathtub is an awkward task for many, especially for those with mobility limitations and the elderly. Kids also cause bathroom cleaning to be a never-ending battle. “My biggest cleaning challenge is actually keeping it clean. I swear my kids are right behind me messing it up again. It gets tiring.”

Kids are messy, and they have a lot of stuff, which is why they are the next most popular cleaning challenge on our list. They’re like little wrecking crews wandering around the home. Spilled juice, sandy shoes, dirty clothes, forgotten snacks, and smudgy fingerprints are hard to stay on top of—in addition to all of the other basic household chores.

“My biggest cleaning challenge is finding a block of time that is long enough to get everything done well. I feel like so many tasks end up shortened or ‘quickly cleaned’ because I run out of time!” Just a few votes below kids, finding the time to clean ranks third in our poll. Working full-time, squeezing in a bit of exercise, keeping up with the kids’ activities, walking the dog, and spending time with family and friends doesn’t leave much time for anything else. And if we do find a free moment, the last thing we want to do is clean.

In total, we had 16 cleaning challenges posted. If your most hated household chore is not among the top 3, perhaps you’ll find it below.

#4 – Floors

#5 – Pets

#6 – All of It!

#7 – Dust

#8 – Windows

#9 – Limitations (due to health issues)

#10 – Showers/Bathtub

#11 – Walls

#12 – Kitchen

#13 – Deep cleaning

#14 – Baseboards

#15 – Clutter

#16 – Laundry

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