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How to Spring Clean Your Trampoline


If you’re like most trampoline owners, your trampoline was left up and intact all winter. Whether it’s the hassle of dismantling or a lack of space, taking it apart before the snow falls is just something that is rarely done. But, the cold weather can take its toll. Before the summer gets into full swing, give your tramp a little TLC!

The Frame and Netting

While dirt and debris will blow onto the trampoline frame and netting in any season, spring seems like an optimal time to give it a wash. You can take the netting down and clean it by hand or invest in a hose attachment used to clean cars. More gentle than your typical garden attachment, some auto washing kits come with a soft brush attachment too. Either way, be sure to wash the frame and netting before washing the mat as dirty water will run down onto it. Rinse all the soap off before the net and frame dry, then move on to cleaning the jumping mat.

The Jumping Mat

The first step to cleaning your trampoline mat is to give it a good sweep to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris. Next, turn on the hose and give the entire mat a good soaking. Using a soft brush and warm soapy water, gently scrub your jumping mat clean. Working in sections, then stopping to rinse may make the job easier. Rinse all soap out of the jumping mat and use some old towels to dry it as much as possible. Be sure to leave it uncovered so that any remaining moisture can air dry.

The Pads, Springs and Ladder

Like the jumping mat, clean the trampoline’s springs and pads with warm soapy water. Most ladders are removable so easy to clean off to the side. One way to keep your trampoline a lot cleaner is to use a trampoline cover. This will keep leaves, dirt, and dust off your trampoline and prolong its use. That said, it’s not recommended to cover the trampoline during the winter months as mildew can become a problem as temperatures fluctuate.

Interesting Note: Rusty springs? We have a simple DIY solution! Mix together half a cup of salt and the juice of a couple of limes into a paste. Remove the spring from the trampoline and apply the paste, letting it sit for a couple of hours for maximum efficacy. Then, scrub clean with an old toothbrush. Give it a good rinse and let dry before re-attaching.

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