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TikTok Keeps Your Car Mats Clean!


April showers bring May flowers, and it also brings in muddy shoes and boots. With the transition of melting snow and ice colliding with spring rain, it’s unavoidable. Add to that the need to be outdoors after a long winter indoors – and mucky footwear is inescapable. Of course, at home, shoes can be left outside or on sturdy mats in the hall, but how do you keep the interior of your car clean?

Picture this: you go to pick up your child from the park or from playing soccer, rugby, or baseball and their shoes are a mess! You don’t want them tracking mud into the car. It will not only end up splashed all over the floor mats, but also up the back of the seat in front of them, their door, and possibly their seat too. What do you do?

A mom of 3 soccer-playing boys recently posted the answer on TikTok! This hack is brilliant and has gone viral for its simplicity, ingenuity, and sheer wow-factor for keeping the car clean. All you need is a basic cleaning caddy found at your local dollar store, hardware store, or on Amazon.ca. You know the one, much like a craft caddy, it has two long plastic troughs attached together with a handle in the middle for portable storage of all your cleaning supplies.

Here’s how it works: kids can simply step into the caddy and sit. Muddy shoes and boots are easily contained within each caddy spot on either side of the handle. Easy peasy muck-free. At home, have the kids hose down the caddy outside and, once dry, pop back in the car so it’s ready for their next practice.

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