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Spring Cleaning: 4 Ways to Approach It and Win!


After months of being kept indoors with the windows shut, spring cleaning is an unavoidable ritual. Dust and debris need to be swept from corners, windows should be washed and rugs given a good beating outside to loosen dirt and grime. But that’s just the tip of the spring cleaning iceberg. Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you need to approach spring cleaning from a different point of view. What drives you to succeed? Or more importantly, what hinders your success?

Are You Results-Driven?

If so, start by tackling cleaning tasks with the biggest results. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment, which will encourage you to complete the job. Clearing away clutter can transform your space. Start small, like in your entryway coat closet. The coat closet can become a catch-all for a variety of items. Take everything out of the closet and let go of anything that doesn’t fit, you don’t wear or is in a poor condition. Next: store away those items you want to keep. Lastly, give your closet a good sweep and stand back to admire your success!

Do You Procrastinate?

If so, starting with chores you dislike first will let you help you feel as though you are winning as you go. The more you win, the better you will feel and the more cleaning you will get through. Windows can be one of the most hated spring cleaning tasks, especially window screens. This year, skip the soap and water and grab a lint roller instead! A good lint roller will safely glide over screens and pick up dust and small particles. Finish off the job by wiping a damp microfibre cloth over your screen for best results.

Are You Easily Distracted?

If so, first blast through those chores you like. Checking items off your cleaning list will give you a sense of satisfaction, while building momentum. This will help you stick to your spring cleaning obligations. Laundry tops the list of chores least hated among most Canadians. So, why not start by stripping all the linen from your bed and giving them a good wash? While you’re at it, clean your mattress.  Sleep Better with a Clean Matresss sleep-better-with-a-clean-mattress

Don’t Have the Time?

Try cleaning in quick bursts that fit your schedule. Take your time and do it right. In fact, why not spread your spring cleaning chores across a month or two. Remember, there are no rules. Perhaps a few good cleaning hacks can save time. Developed for speed and ease, cleaning hacks can also be very effective. Like, washing floor aluminum vents in the dishwasher. Quick and easy, this spring cleaning task is a no brainer. Simply load your dishwasher and stand back while it does all the hard work. Check out more hacks here 5 Clever Sponge Hacks