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Time to Spring Clean the Cottage!


Whether for cottage rentals or personal use, over the past few years we’ve experienced a heightened sense of concern about cottage cleanliness. So, with Victoria Day as the unofficial launch of cottage season, we’ve pulled together a detailed list of tasks you can use (with great confidence) as you open and prepare your cottage for a summer of fun and relaxation.

  • Let the Air Flow

Open all the windows! If your cottage has been closed up all winter, the air inside is pretty stale.

  • Dive into a Deep Clean

It’s something every cottage owner needs to do at least once a year. Pull out the fridge and clean the coils at the back; clean the oven; open sofa beds and check for damage to mattresses; clean the windows and frames, dust everything; sweep and vacuum floors, and scrub surfaces.

  • Check Dock and Deck Boards

Snow and accumulated ice can do a number on deck and dock boards. Grab a hammer and secure loose boards and remove those that need to be replaced.

  • Refresh Bedding

A quick and easy way to freshen up any space is with new linens. Head to Ikea and buy a new cover for your comforter and a few throw pillows.

  • Update Kitchen Essentials

Heading to the cottage to enjoy the outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live rough – especially if you like to cook! Clear out chipped mugs, sharpen dull knives, and consider planting a few herbs.

  • Prep the BBQ

Clean the racks and refill propane tanks. Few things are more enjoyable than cooking on the cottage grill.

  • Clear Outdoor Clutter

Walk the perimeter of your cottage and look for broken windows, damage caused by pests, downed power lines, or anything that looks different than last fall.

  • Check Over Water Accessories

Make sure the paddle boat is in good working order, there are no cracks or potential leaks in the hulls of kayaks and canoes, and you have a good supply of life jackets.

  • Do a Safety Audit

It’s very important to update your first aid kit and replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s also crucial to ensure your seasonal property insurance policy is up to date.

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