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If your porch is still showing signs of winter, it really, truly, is time to get to work! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you transform your porch into a summery paradise.

Remove Signs of Seasons Past

Start your porch makeover by putting away items like snow shovels, left over bags of ice salt and the kids’ toboggan. Seasonal items can accumulate quickly and create clutter. Storing them away for next year will clean the slate for your transition to spring!

Scare the Cobwebs Away

Nothing says abandoned space louder than spider webs. For best results, vacuum the outdoor walls and ceiling with the help of handy attachment tools like an extension wand and a dusting brush. If you’re getting on a step stool or ladder to vacuum problem areas, make sure you have someone spotting you.

Water Works

You don’t need industrial strength cleaning products to clean your front porch, all you need is a bucket full of warm water, a couple drops of liquid dish soap and a few tablespoons of white vinegar. This natural cleaning cocktail and some microfibre cloths (one to wash, one to dry) will heroically cut through the dirtiest jobs like outdoor windows and tracks. Make sure to give your front door a scrub down too.

Plant this Idea

Healthy plants in decorative urns and hanging planters add colour, scent and charm to any space. When included in your porch décor, plants add curb appeal and are signs that your home is cared for. They’re a form of home security. Your plants are like mini security guards that say ‘people care about this home, if you’ve got bad intentions please stay away’.