Tips to Keep the Kids’ Sandbox Clean's featured image

Congratulations! You’ve bought the sandbox you wish you’d had when you were a kid, and now it’s ready for your children to play in. The next step is to figure out how to keep it clean because rain, snow, cats and other animals will foul your child’s favourite play structure in no time. There are many cheap and cheerful ways to protect the sand from bacteria and dirt, here are some of our favourite ideas:

DIY Sandbox Cover 

If you built your sandbox but forgot to build a cover, you can easily, and for almost no cost, DIY a cover.  If you have spare plywood from another project and a table saw, you’ve got a cover. If you’re in a rush, then you can just place the plywood over the open sandbox, and weigh down the plywood with spare bricks, paving stones, a weighted lawn chair, or planters. When you have time, cut the plywood to fit the sandbox.

Custom Sandbox Cover

Lighter than plywood, tarp or canvas will keep rain, cats and bird droppings off a sandbox too. If you’re a perfectionist without access to a sewing machine, you can take your tarp or canvas and the measurements to a sail making shop, or a canvas repair shop.  To hold the tarp or canvas in place, use a weighted item at each corner. If your budget allows, design each corner with a pocket to conceal the weighted item.

Problem-Solving a Sandbox Mishap

You’ve hosted an epic neighbourhood BBQ, cleaned up every last beverage cup and party hat. But in the morning you discover that a cat has used the sandbox as a litter box. At this point, you have no choice but to remove all the sand. Once empty, hose down the sandbox, then hand wash with hot water and a few drops of liquid soap. Wipe down with full-strength vinegar, bleach or tea tree oil. Allow the disinfectants to air dry. You’re now ready to refill sandbox with sand.


If you want to spend less time cleaning out sand from your foyer and more time watching the kids play in the backyard, just contact your local MOLLY MAID for a summer cleaning! We also have our Green Housekeeping Program designed to protect the health and safety of your family and pets. Call us to schedule a service call today!



Photo by Kaboompics