Refresh Your Space with a Summer Photo Swap's featured image

Refresh Your Space with a Summer Photo Swap


Looking for a fun and innovative way to update your living room, family room, bedroom, or home office? Simply switch and swap out all of your old framed photos for new ones. All you need is a good printer and photo paper. No printer, no worries! Head to your local Walmart Photo Centre or Staples to easily print photos right off your phone.

Showcase Your Travels

After a vacation, most of us come home with loads of photos. Time to put them on display! Fill every frame with all the wonderful things you saw or did. You’ll be able to escape and enjoy those memories over and over.

Mark Special Occasions

Have fun with it! Celebrate a birthday, graduation or retirement by featuring the special person in every frame. Make it a month-long homage with photos that span their life journey from child to teen to young adult.

Make it a Seasonal Swap

Swapping out photos seasonally is a fun way to make photos relevant – poolside shots in the summer, snow-filled images in the winter, and autumn shots of falling leaves and hikes in the fall.

Show off Your Creativity

Add an artistic touch by swapping colour photos for black and white or sepia. Edit photos easily on your phone or a photo app and create a little drama. Black and white photos can be more flattering, smoothing out skin tone and bringing out the eyes.

Flip your Fan to Cool for the Best Results

Photo by Iwan Shimko on Unsplash