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Simple Solutions to Hide Your Air Conditioner


How much time do you spend in the garden? Probably hours – planning, planting, watering, weeding, and deadheading – to create an oasis that you can escape to and enjoy with friends and family. That is until the bulky air conditioner catches your eye and the illusion is broken. It’s time to deal with that unsightly, yet highly necessary unit. Our Molly Maid gardening enthusiasts have pulled together some ideas they’ve used in their yards to get you started.

Wood Fencing

Probably the most common solution to hiding an outdoor air conditioning unit is to build a wooden or bamboo covering around it. Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommended distance requirement. Ventilation is key.

Tall Shrubs and Grasses

Another way to camouflage your unit is with big green bushes or tall grasses planted 2-3 ft away to ensure airflow. Select plant species that can tolerate the heat released by the AC unit and avoid plants that create a lot of debris.

A Living Garden Structure

Build a green wall with lattice and some climbing vines to block your AC unit from view. Plants like ivy, clematis, trumpet vines and climbing hydrangea work well. Be sure to keep an eye on overgrowth and trim vines when necessary to maintain proper air circulation.

Large Pots and Planters

Potted plants are another great way to hide your AC unit. These can be easily moved for annual maintenance or repair, and as plants grow bigger. Never put planters or pots on top of the AC unit.

Guide and Distract

Create a unique garden feature to guide your gaze away from your AC unit. Water fountains and bubble pots are the perfect distraction. A simple addition that will elevate your garden decor with the peaceful, soothing sound of flowing water.

Interesting note: Did you know bees and wasps like to build nests inside AC units? Another consideration when choosing plants for around your unit. Stay away from flowering pollinator plants like bee balm, echinacea or lavender.

Say Goodbye to Sunscreen Stains

Photo by Zulki Jrzt on Unsplash