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7 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Clothesline


Retractable, stationary, or compact, the versatile clothesline is a must-have for every homeowner (even those with limited space). Not convinced? We’ve compiled 8 reasons that will have you rushing out to buy one this weekend.

More Money in your Wallet

Everyone likes to save money and reducing your energy consumption is one way to do it. Add to that the money you save from not having to buy dryer sheets and the savings can be substantial.

Less Wear and Tear on Your Clothes

Clothes can be expensive, especially if you’re a fashionista who likes designer threads. Throwing clothes in the dryer can be hard on fabrics, all that tossing and tumbling will take its toll. Using a clothesline is kinder and will help preserve your clothes longer.

Leaves Clothes Smelling Even Fresher

Clean sheets pulled fresh off the line are magically infused with the scent of fresh air that can only be found outdoors, there’s no artificial scent that comes close. Plus, exposure to sunlight can kill odour-causing germs found in fabrics. A win-win!

Much More Energy-Efficient

In many homes, the dryer is the third most energy-consuming appliance. And, while it’s essential in the winter, during the warmer months a clothesline is the perfect substitute. It’s just one more thing you can do to be more eco-friendly without breaking a sweat.

Whitens Whites Naturally

Did you know sunlight is a natural way to brighten whites? Tested and found to be true, it’s time to ditch the special detergents and harsh chemicals for a more sustainable option. All you need is plenty of time and a blast of sunshine!

Keeps the House Cooler

Much like you don’t like to use the oven on a hot summer day because it makes the house hotter. The dryer can also raise the temperature. Think strategically and keep the air conditioner from working any harder than it has to to keep your home cool.

Simply, the Safer Option

Did you know the clothes dryer is one of the main causes of house fires? So, by using your dryer less in the summer (and your clothesline more) you are essentially reducing that risk.

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