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Doing Your Part for the Earth – at Home


Nothing’s more precious than the arrival of a baby! That’s why we safety-proof our homes by locking cupboards and padding sharp corners, and splurge on organic cotton blankets and jammies to keep them cozy, and baby-only toiletries for their delicate skin. But don’t stop there. Household cleaning products can be full of harsh chemicals. Look for eco-friendly products, make your own or let us do the work for you with our Green Housekeeping Service.


An Eco-Friendly Effort

At MOLLY MAID Canada, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right balance between creating a safe environment for your family and maintaining a clean, healthy home. Many of our cleaning products are free of toxins, petroleum, ammonia, and alcohol. We also carry out a variety of environmentally friendly practices, some of which include:


  • Optimizing travel routes to maximize efficiency
  • Reducing product waste
  • Using refillable bottles
  • Using microfibre cloths instead of paper towels


We also support established businesses that promote green cleaning. We recognize that small steps like these can make a big difference collectively. 


Customized Cleaning Plans

While the idea of using green cleaning products sounds simple, it can be difficult to obtain products that are as effective as their chemical counterparts. Therefore, our solutions utilize disinfectants in an environmentally friendly way. Whether that means only using disinfectants in one room and natural products in others or rotating the use of our products from room to room, our professional house cleaners can work with you to update your customized cleaning plan as needed. This is the Molly Maid green cleaning philosophy.


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