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Helpful Hacks for the Cottage


Heading up to the cottage this weekend for a little sun and relaxation? These summertime hacks are sure to help. 


Reconnect with your inner girl guide, boy scout or sea cadet to make the best homemade fire starter around. The main ingredient of this DIY is dryer lint. So, this hack will be cleaning out your dryer vent at the same time! Simply fill an empty cardboard egg carton with lint. Now, melt some old candles and pour the wax over the lint and let it dry. Once the wax has dried, cut the individual carton cups to use for your next bonfire.


You’ll have to make these up at the cottage, but it will be well worth it! Aloe vera is proven to help the skin heal from sun burns, which is why so many apres-sun creams include it in their list of ingredients. To make your own solution, simply freeze some aloe vera lotion in an ice tray and pop them out when you need to soothe your skin.

PRO TIP: Ice cube trays have become the way of the dinosaur for many, but the dollar store still has a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. If you’re able to dig up an old ice tray, a little scrub with a baking soda paste will make it like new in minutes.


Cool drinks on a hot sunny dock are essential, especially if you’ve worked up a sweat kayaking around the lake or going on a hike. There’s absolutely no effort required. All you need is a bunch of grapes thrown in the freezer upon arrival. Once frozen they make a super fancy ice alternative. White wine-lovers will especially love this trick as it will keep wine icy cold without diluting it.