TIkTok Peanut Butter Hack is Amazing!

TIkTok Peanut Butter Hack is Amazing!   If you’re a fan of TikTok, you’ve probably already seen that the peanut butter hack by @shopsplat has gone viral. If not, it’s well worth watching. In short, this TikTok genius has discovered the best and, by far, the most fun way to clean the last bits of […]

Bake for Summer’s Celebrations Without Turning on the Stove

Bake for Summer’s Long Weekend Celebrations Without Turning on the Stove On a hot summer day, the last thing most of us want to do is turn on the stove to bake a child’s birthday cake, cupcakes for a baby shower, or our in constant-demand cheesecake for a family potluck. But the celebrations, even if […]

The Summer of Gazpacho

The Summer of Gazpacho The word on the street this summer is that people are a little, a lot, burnt out when it comes to food shopping, food prepping and kitchen duties. Sure, in late winter and early spring it was fun learning to grow our sourdough scoobies, and expanding our culinary techniques. But summer’s […]

Make Your Own Homemade Iced Capp

Make Your Own Homemade Iced Capp One fascinating thing that quarantine has revealed is that many of our take-out favourites can actually be made at home. Homemade artisanal breads opened the floodgates to the DIY revolution! Thanks to Google, we’ve learnt that a simple ‘how to’ inquiry can transform the average culinary novice into an […]

The DOs and DON’Ts of Eating Outdoors

The DOs and DON’Ts of Eating Outdoors   With summer finally here, eating lunch or dinner out on the front porch, back deck, or around the pool have become a reality. With social distancing measures beginning to loosen, picnics in the park are soon to be another venue! Here are a few tips to eating […]

The Wild and Wacky Life of a French Press

For minimalists, repurposing-mavens, and those of us who receive gifts we’re never going to use, there’s no greater feeling than the aha moment of figuring out how to turn one household item into two, or more items. There are classic maneuvers like using empty tin cans to organize pens, markers etc, or turning a vintage […]

5 Things Every Kitchen Knife Needs

In this week’s blog, we explore the secret lives of kitchen knives and the five things that each one needs to ensure a long–and sharp–life!

Keep Calm this Holiday Season: Create a Work-Back Baking Plan

Don’t find yourself overwhelmed in the kitchen this holiday season. Plan ahead with our nifty holiday baking work-back countdown! Read more from MOLLY MAID!

October Calls for Endless Soup!

This fall we want to help you keep your diet, counters, and pots & pans cleaner than they’ve ever been before! Contact MOLLYMAID for a free quote!

Tips to Jazz Up Packed School Lunches

Worried about your kids leaving their lunches untouched during the school day? We’ve gathered some helpful advice to bring lunches to the next level!

Make Something Fun – and Good – to Eat

When it comes to snacks for kids, it’s tough to compete with sweets. But why not try with these homemade fruit snacks. After school, ask kids to help you make them, and then enjoy eating these nutritious treats together too.  The cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest that this is a good time to teach […]

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