Give your Yoga Mat the Red-Carpet Treatment

Although yoga studios typically offer cleaning products for your mat after class, there’s rarely enough time, or available product, for every single yogi to clean their mat between classes. Instead of losing your post yoga Zen over a cleaning issue, give your mat the TLC it deserves using this DIY yoga mat cleaner at home. […]

The Art of Unpacking in Five Simple Steps

Everyone loves a warm winter getaway. From choosing a destination, to booking your flight, planning your trip and packing, there’s always a build-up of excitement throughout the entire process. Once you return however, all your left with are amazing memories, a killer tan and of course a whole lot of unpacking to do! Luckily, MOLLY MAID […]

Grocery Shop your own Kitchen to make the Best Vegetarian Chili

How often do you hear yourself saying “there’s nothing to eat”, as you riffle through your overflowing pantry and fridge? What normally follows is an impulsive call to your favourite take-out place. The good news is, you can easily take control of this area of your life, by following this easy guide to making the […]

The Champagne Treatment for your Coffee Machines

Whether you use a French press, programmable coffee maker or an electric percolator, coffee lovers all have the same goal – to brew the most delicious cup of coffee. Mastering the art of a perfect cup coffee though, is just as important as cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine. Here’s a guide to help you […]

Five Easy ways to Increase Home Safety

Making the home safer and more comfortable for an older adult or senior doesn’t necessarily mean doing a major renovation that could break the bank. Here are five tips from Elizz, Canada’s resource for all things caregiving, that will show family caregivers how making small changes in the home can have a big impact on […]

Organize your Child’s Locker with Flair

Many schools consider March Break, the perfect time for a deep cleaning of school facilities. As a result, students may be asked to empty their lockers prior to heading home for vacation. Of course, no parent is looking forward to tackling the clutter of their child’s locker. Luckily, the cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID have […]

New Uses for Old Clothing and Bedding

Do you have a pile of old clothing or bedding lying around your home? If so, you likely have an arsenal of effective cleaning materials that will help you spring clean your home with ease. Here’s how: The best duster ever: Old fluffy socks that have lost their pair, can be repurposed into an effective […]

Bath Time for Toys

Just because the rubber ducky joins your children for their evening bath, doesn’t mean it stays squeaky clean.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Wet rubber bath toys, left behind in the bathtub, are prone to the growth of bacteria and mold, approximately 24-48 hours after bath time, if not properly maintained. Luckily, these simple […]

Bathroom Spotlight: How Long is too Long?

How long is too long to hold onto items in your bathroom? Whether it’s a toothbrush or razor, we’ve all held on to items longer than we know we should have, most often out of convenience. Here’s a guide to help you determine when various items in your bathroom should be purged or repurposed and […]

How to Create a Zen Home

Have you been meaning to use that gift certificate to your favourite spa, but your schedule has been jam packed? It’s so nice to experience the wonderful atmosphere at a spa, but if you can’t find the time to go, bring a little zen to your daily life, by adopting a spa ambiance for your […]

Detail your Car like a Pro

With the daily hustle and bustle of life; from travelling to and from work, squeezing in a quick trip to the gym, and rushing the kids to extracurricular activities, it’s inevitable that your car will get messy. Don’t stress! These handy tips from the pros, will leave your car looking good as new! Here’s how: […]

Mud Room Starts Here!

Dirt, dust and mud often walk right into our homes on our own two feet! By enforcing a friendly, but strict, ‘mud room starts here’ policy, the entrance to your home can be kept clean, tidy, and most importantly welcoming! Keep it Clean: Hotels, well-appointed restaurants and boutiques welcome their clientele with a scraper mat, […]

Simplify Cleaning the Kitchen with these Three Cleaning Habits

Lighten your cleaning load in the kitchen by committing to these three cleaning habits. Rinse Dishes Immediately Even if you’re not doing the dishes right after cooking or eating, rinse them immediately to remove as much food as possible, to prevent it from hardening. This will make dishes much easier to clean when you go […]

Burnt-on Mess? We’ve got you Covered!

We’ve all left a pot on the stove for too long or at too high of a temperature. The results are often a mess of burnt-on food, stuck to the bottom of your pot. How do you remove this catastrophic mess?  While dish detergent may be the go-to for most people, here are three common […]

Do Fewer Dishes with One Simple Trick

Have you ever noticed how many glasses and mugs your family uses on a regular basis? Using a clean cup, or mug each time you have a beverage can really fill-up your sink or dishwasher quickly. To reduce dishes, assign one mug or cup to each family member every morning for the day.  This simple […]

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