Kids Stuff: 5 Ways to get Kids to Help you Clean

Cleaning the house is something everyone has to learn at some point in their life. Get kids into the habit of helping you clean by teaching them from a young age. Here are five ways to get kids to help: Make Sure Chores are Appropriate for the Age – One of the best ways to make […]

Get Fresh: Farmers’ Markets make Great Classrooms

With the spring harvest kicking off another great year of fresh, local produce, it’s time to plan a family outing to a local Farmers’ Market.

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Most Efficient Cleaning Tools

Assemble these cleaning tools – and you’re ‘good to go’ for spring cleaning!

Re-opening the Cottage: How the Pros Tackle this Huge Spring Chore

Cottage owners often can’t wait to open the cottage in the spring, but there’s a lot to do. MOLLY MAID cleaning professionals provide this checklist.

How to Clean Home Electronics

Often on cleaning day we tip-toe around the television and computer because we're afraid we might damage something. That's true to be careful, but not cleaning these items may be an even bigger problem. Always check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before anything. Then, the professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID provide this cleaning guide.   […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Go Green

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17. Celebrate with these fun DIY green ideas. Wear It: The simplest way to celebrate this holiday is to wear something green… a scarf, hat or sweater. Make Something: According to, a great craft to make is a Tissue Blossom Tree. Gather branches that have fallen outside and let […]

Let the Sun In: 5 Wacky Ways to Clean Windows

  1. Newspaper is one of the most often cited ‘tools’ for cleaning windows – and it works. The home service professionals at MOLLY MAID have also heard that it’s important to use newspaperthat is a few days old- so you’re sure ink on the pages is completely dry and won’t leave streaks on the […]

Celebrate International Women’s Day

Need a day off? March 8th is International Women's Day, which is a celebration of economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. While it's a national holiday in some countries, here's how to do your own salute: Enroll in a self-defense class.  These programs teach women and girls how to physically protect […]

Spotlight on Germs: It’s War!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the kitchen and bathroom are the most germ-ridden rooms in a house. In fact, common kitchen appliances and tools harboring germs may contribute to food-related illness, according to a study by NSF International, an independent global public health and safety organization. Here are some of the worst areas […]

Grease: MOLLY MAID Solutions for Easy Clean-up

After cooking on the stove, chances are you have a few grease stains to clean up. The sooner you can get to them, the easier they'll be to clean. However, even if you've left splatter sitting for a few days, these tips from professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID will make it easy for you […]

Hair Today: Eliminate Pet Hair so it’s Gone Tomorrow

You love your dog, but pet hair unfortunately is part of the deal. While many people avoid wearing black so the hair is not so visible, there are ways you can help to reduce and sometimes eliminate pet hair in your home. First and foremost, sweep and vacuum almost every day, say the maid service […]

Order at Home: 6 Home Projects you’ll be Glad you Did

Need a day off? Sometimes it is satisfying to use a 'day-off' to organize your life. In this case, to organize areas in your home that tend to get cluttered and messy over time. Here are suggestions by professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID. Gift Wrapping Cupboard: Take everything out of the cupboard.  Create boxes, […]

Re-think the Home Office

Organizing your home office for maximum efficiency will help save time and your sanity (you'll stop losing important items and pay bills on time). It will also be easier to keep the area clean, according to the home service professionals at MOLLY MAID. Here's a guide: 1. Remove everything from the work surface (except the […]

Valentine’s Day – 9 Ways to Pamper the Ones you Love

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to tell someone that you care. While it's often done with red roses and a table for two, Valentine's Day is just as nice when you show your fondness for anyone who makes a difference in your life. Consider the crossing guard at your child's school, people you exercise with, or […]

Breathe: 9 Natural Ways to Reduce Odours in the Home

When weather keeps doors and windows closed tight, the air inside your home can get a little stale. While the professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID love that green cleaning products help create a clean and fresh scent, there are also other ways to get rid of smells you don't like… and freshen up the […]

Molly Maid's Book

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