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Time to Test Your CO Detector?


Prevention is the best protection to keep your home and your loved ones safe. This is why it’s mandatory to install fire alarms on every floor, and important to replace their batteries every six months. But it’s not the only alarm we need to keep our family safe. The other detector that’s just as important is a carbon monoxide detector. It’s the fastest way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide can be produced by anything that burns fuel. This includes unvented fuel-burning space heaters, a gas, oil or wood-burning fireplace, the furnace or any other appliance.

Known as the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide has no odour, taste and can be lethal. If present in your home it can have severe effects on your body. Essentially, carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in your blood, resulting in the potential development of flu-like symptoms and headaches. It’s accumulative and over time, builds up in your body causing dizziness, fatigue and difficulty thinking. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

Installing carbon monoxide alarms is very important, whether they plug in or are battery-operated units. And, remember, since carbon monoxide moves freely in the air, they should be installed in, near sleeping areas. Ensure the detector isn’t blocked by furniture or furnishings.

Note. It is highly recommended that any type of solid-fuel-burning appliance be installed by a certified professional and serviced annually to ensure safety when operating.

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