8 Neat January Outings with your Family

Need a day off? What can you do when it's cold and dreary – and your kids have got cabin fever? Here are 8 activities that will keep everyone happy. Visit a Museum: Most museums have one time a week or month when it's free to get in or drastically reduced in admission price. Do […]

10 Great Habits that will help keep your Home Cleaner for Longer

There are a lot of 'cleaning' shortcuts you can use to avoid dirt and clutter from piling up – and it will. The solution (and a great resolution for the New Year) is to take a piece-meal approach to cleaning. The professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID provide these tricks of the trade: 1. Clutter-less: […]

Happy Holidays: Enjoy this Special Time with Friends and Family

As the song says, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Share it with your friends and family by having fun at seasonal events. The entire cleaning team at MOLLY MAID wishes everyone a wonderful season. Lights on High – Find a neighbourhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations and lights and spend […]

10 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Dinner Party

'Tis the season for get-togethers and while it's wonderful to gather friends and family in your home, a dinner party can be a lot of work before, during and after for the hostess. Here is how to plan a stress-free event – and enjoy it too! Make it a potluck. Plan the menu in advance […]

Ring in Holiday Baking – and Clean-up

The holiday season is a wonderful time to bake up a storm! From fruitcakes to spice breads to favourite Christmas cookies and bars, there's no shortage of delectable sweets and treats to make! One way to make it even more enjoyable is to keep the mess to a minimum while you are baking. It's so […]

Teach your Children Well – 10 Steps to a Clean Toilet

It's really never too soon to teach children about being clean in the washroom. Everyone in the family should have a turn at cleaning the toilet, which should be cleaned at least once a week. Here's how MOLLY MAID cleaning services leave it clean and shiny – in 10 easy steps.  Wearing rubber gloves, lift […]

Ready or Not? Prepping the Front Hall for Winter

Fall is almost behind us and everyone is waiting with baited breath for the first snowfall – or maybe, it has already snowed in your area – but is your front hallway ready for the onslaught of winter? Once your family starts wearing cold weather gear, the front hallway will fill-up with boots, scarves and […]

Trick or Treat? Why Not Make your own Sweets

Everyone loves Halloween because you get to dress up in fun and scary costumes – and indulge a little in sweets and treats! Make Halloween a little different this year by making your own treats to give out when goblins and witches come a knocking, or to have on hand to celebrate the day. Here […]

How Safe are your Cleaning Products?

Household cleaners can be tough on some people; irritating airways and eyes, and even making allergy or asthma symptoms worse. Green cleaning comes to the rescue, say the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID. Green cleaning is all about protecting the health and safety of your family, friends and pets, and it also helps to protect […]

Jazz, Delicious and Others: The Apple of your Eye – and Pie!

For some people, autumn is a time of beautiful fall colours, apples – and apple pie! They like nothing better than to plan a trip to the country with their apple baskets to pick their own. Grocery stores and farmer's markets in the city also feature the huge variety of apples that are available at […]

In the Bag: How to Pack Delicious Lunches

Does everyone in your family take lunch with them during the week? Here are great suggestions for making lunch at school or in the office a wonderful thing! No Soggy Lunches – Ever! Make sandwiches that will maintain their freshness no matter what you put on the inside. To prevent soggy bread, pack condiments, sauces, […]

How to make Home Office Space Work for Everyone!

Now that kids are back to school, it’s important to provide a homework area so that the after-school ritual gets done. Kids don’t have to have a desk in their rooms – in fact parents and kids can share a work space. What’s most important is that all the essential tools are there, and that […]

Back-To-School: How to Make it Easy for Kids and Yourself

With the start of the new school year just around the corner, it's a good idea to start getting kids – and the whole family – back into the school-day routine. Here's how: Set a bedtime routine. Establish a reasonable bedtime and have your children practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time […]

8 Great Summer Stay-cation Ideas

A ‘stay-cation’ (which means you stay local during your holiday time, rather than packing up and travelling somewhere else) can be just as fun for your family as a vacation away. It’s all about being open to new ideas, getting creative and doing some research. Here are some ways to enjoy yourself (and save a […]

Summer Picnic: How to Keep them Delicious and Safe

What better way to celebrate a perfect summer day than with a picnic in the park, at the beach or even in your own backyard. Besides selecting favourite foods and beverages, it's important to be safe when handling food. Here are tips to stay safe before, during and after your delicious picnic: BEFORE Create a […]

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