Stop Ignoring Your Gutters 

Stop Ignoring Your Gutters Gutter maintenance is essential in the fall. As the trees drop their leaves they get caught in the eaves troughs, which doesn’t allow rain to drain properly. Debris and pooling water it may sound innocent, but it can lead to holes and leaks, or much worse: a wet basement, leaky roof or […]

Cleaning Accidents 101

Cleaning Accidents 101 Slipping or falling while working around the house can happen in the blink of an eye! Most of us keep watch over young kids, big kids or ageing parents, but it’s also important to consider our own safety when cleaning. Accident prevention is something we have to think about all the time, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Floors

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Floors Here’s an A to Z guide on how to clean all types of flooring. Of course, check with the manufacturer for the recommended cleaning procedure as warranties on products might become void if cleaning recommendations are not followed. Ceramic Flooring Mop ceramic floors with water. Follow with a dry […]

Streak Free Windows in 3 Easy Steps

Streak Free Windows in 3 Easy Steps Keeping windows clean can be a challenge, especially in the summer, and doubly so with kids and pets. Sticky fingers, wet noses and everyday dirt and grime can leave windows looking dull and shabby. Make your windows clean and sparkly with this simple DIY cleaning solution and a […]

Summer Garden Clean-Up

Summer Garden Clean-Up   With travel still limited this summer, backyards across the country have become even more precious. Anyone with the luxury of their own space is making staycation plans which can range from no impact to high impact activities. You can read a book on a hammock, enjoy refreshing dips in the inground […]

How to Clean Your Driveway Without Using a Power Washer

How to Clean Your Driveway Without Using a Power Washer   Curb appeal is much more than a manicured lawn and some beautiful landscaping. It extends to a well-maintained driveway to provide a great first impression of your home. In fact, if looking to sell, it can even increase property value. Yes, tire marks, oil […]

Popular Household Filters That Need TLC

There’s cleaning know-how that somehow never makes it out to the masses. So, given the line of business we’re in, and the times we’re living in, we’re going to repeat some information that you’ve heard from us in the past, that we think is worth repeating because we want to help keep you and your […]

Keeping Alexa & Your Google Home Device Dust-free

Alexa, Is it going to rain today? Ok Google, what sound does a whale make? These are just a few of the more popular queries asked of our smart speakers. Canadians across the country rely on them to perform a variety of tasks from streaming music, to setting alarms, playing games and calculating pounds into […]

The 4-Step Solution to a Smelly Washer

If your washing machine has begun to smell a bit musty, it’s time to haul out a few household items and give it a wash. That may sound somewhat counter-intuitive, but there are a lot of reasons to add it to your cleaning routine every couple of months. Bacteria, mildew, mould and hard water buildup […]

4 Reasons to Clean Your Freezer Now!

When was the last time you gave your work-horse freezer a deep clean? It’s not usually a top priority with our hectic schedules, right? Not only is it a time-consuming task, but it’s also a finicky one too. It’s nothing short of an engineering feat trying to keep everything frozen while simultaneously scrubbing and scraping. […]

How to Clean a Dirty Door Screen

In this week’s blog, we break down three tried and true methods to clean that stubborn door screen. Your screens will be looking good as new in no time!

Tips to Help Your Teen Have a Less-Messy Bedroom

After decades of our own research, we’ve come to the conclusion that instead of a no-mess approach, a less-messy bedroom is a more realistic standard.

Keep your Floors Cleaner than Ever!

Keep your floors cleaner than ever with these 3 easy tips from Molly Maid

How to Properly Clean the a Beverage Dispenser

Beverage dispensers are one of the most charming entertainment decor items currently on the market. What was once mostly used to quench the thirst of professional athletes has now become a focal piece at beverage stations in cafes and homes. To extend the life of your beverage dispenser, make sure to clean it after each […]

How to Revive Your Weathered Wicker

After a few years, wicker furniture that gets left outdoors can start to look like it should get thrown out…but don’t put it on the curb just yet! Although your wicker furniture may look embarrassingly weathered, it can still be revived. Keep reading to learn more about the different methods. The Old-Fashioned Way One of […]

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