How to Clean After the Flu

Hopefully, you will sneak through winter without ever being under the weather but be prepared if illness does strike. We’ve pulled together some helpful cleaning tips to sanitize your home post-flu.

Build Better Habits in the Year of the Rabbit

What do all MOLLY MAID cleaning professionals agree is the best cleaning tip to keep your home clean and tidy? It’s really quite simple with a few tips and tricks from the experts.

How to Clean the Exhaust Hood

Sticky, grease and oil make the exhaust hood one of the dirtiest and most challenging places to clean in the kitchen. Up high and out of sight, it’s time to face the horror. Depending on how long you’ve avoided this chore, this a very messy job! Start by clearing away items from around the stove […]

How to De-stink Your Kitchen Trash!

I love it when family and friends pop by over the holidays! But, nothing ruins a visit quicker than a smelly kitchen garbage can. Any solutions? You asked, and we answered! How to Keep Kitchen Garbage Cans Clean We clean the kitchen every day. We wipe the counters, clean the stovetop, scrub the sink, sweep […]

9 Things to Declutter Before the Holidays

You can’t decorate for the holidays without decluttering. Here are the top 10 places to focus your efforts because every celebration is much brighter in a clean space! Declutter Before Decking the Halls December is the month that ignites our holiday spirit. The spark sets us off to decorate every room in the house. But […]

5 Things to Sanitize Today

We all know the drill. Flu season requires some hypervigilance to keep germs at bay. Surfaces that are repeatedly touched by many different people need to be cleaned daily. 5 Items to Clean Daily to Keep From Getting Sick As we begrudgingly head into cold and flu season, we all need a little reminder of […]

5 Things to Clean Before Snow Falls

Some chores just can’t be ignored, especially in the fall. As we count down the days until the first snowfall, here are a few chores to cross off your list sooner rather than later. 5 Chores to Prep for Winter While each season ends with its own list of chores, the leap from fall to […]

How Do I Clean My Air Fryer?

I finally gave in and bought an air fryer for the family! Such a great purchase and we’ve discovered some great new recipes, but cleaning it is a challenge. Any tips? You asked, and we answered! How Do I Clean My Air Fryer? Air fryers are the new kitchen must-haves as they offer a healthier […]

How to Clean Toe & Foot Marks from Sandals

I love wearing sandals, but after a few weeks of wearing them, they have dirty toe marks. Is there anything I can do to get the footbed back to its original state? You asked, we answered! How Do I Clean Toe & Foot Dirt Off My Sandals? Most shoe junkies love summer. It’s the season […]

Top 4 Spaces to Clean Out this Month

Top 4 Spaces to Clean Out this Month   The Pantry As summer winds down, it’s the perfect time to sort through your kitchen cabinets. Pull everything out of your pantry and give the shelves a good wash (a favourite breeding grounding for house moths). Then, sort through the contents of your pantry. This is […]

7 Steps to Minimize Pet Mess on Floors

7 Steps to Minimize Pet Mess on Floors   Post-covid pet ownership is on the rise. A recent survey shows that 73% of all Canadian households now have a pet, more than 15% pre-covid! Life is better with a furry friend, but they’re also notorious for getting dirty. From piles of fur to muddy paw […]

New Ways to Improve Your Recycling System

New Ways to Improve Your Recycling System   Recycling has been a focus for eco-conscious Canadians for over 40 years. Surprised? Well, we’ve come a long way and much has changed during that time. Knowledge has been gained, systems improved and some manufacturers have come on board. Yet the urgency to reduce waste is still […]

Even a Toddler Can Be Taught Good Table Manners

Even a Toddler Can Be Taught Good Table Manners   Food is an amazing toy for toddlers. Much of what you serve them is squeezed, dropped, and flicked all over the place, in turn it hardens and dries into the high chair’s seams, behind cushions and between straps. It gets super messy fast! Keeping a […]

How to Mould-Proof Your Home this Summer

How to Mould-Proof Your Home this Summer   What are the first five things you love about summer? Spending time at the beach, weekends at the cottage, immersing yourself in a book poolside, warm summer nights spent with family and friends or dropping the kids off at camp. Betcha didn’t say mould. Yet, the risk […]

A Surefire Way to Keep Ceilings Free of Guck

A Surefire Way to Keep Ceilings Free of Guck   Throwing open the windows and doors in the summer is glorious, until mid August when flies invade your home. Flies are annoying to everyone, including the family pet, but the insult to injury is the mess they leave on the ceiling. Did you know that […]

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