Popular Household Items That Should be Recycled

Popular Household Items That Should be Recycled   To recycle or not to recycle, that is the question—about 5 times a day! We all know the basic rules of recycling, but there are always a few items that stump us. In fact, there are plenty of household items people trash that should really be recycled. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Countertops

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Countertops   Here’s an A to Z guide to cleaning all types of countertops. Of course, check with the manufacturer for the recommended cleaning procedure, as warranties on products might become void if cleaning recommendations are not followed.    Butcher Block Countertop Clean with mild soap and water. Wipe the […]

Hydrogen Peroxide: A Safe Alternative to Clean & Disinfect Your Home

Hydrogen Peroxide: A Safe Alternative to Clean & Disinfect Your Home There are good uses for hydrogen peroxide and not so great uses for the product, like lightening our hair or cleaning up a scraped knee—even if it was grandma’s secret cure. On the other hand, cleaning your home with hydrogen peroxide has many advantages. […]

Save your Shower Curtain from Soap Scum & Mildew

In the late nineteenth century, “bath days” were a big production in most households. The bathtub – a metal-lined wooden container – was brought into the kitchen for the weekly event. The tub was filled with hot water boiled on the stove, and everyone in the family who needed a good scrubbing took a turn. […]

Chuckle While You Scrub: Make a Stand-up (Clean-up) Comedy List

Chuckle While You Scrub: Make a Stand-up (Clean-up) Comedy List Creating an upbeat music soundtrack to play while getting chores done is the #1 strategy for keeping it fun. Not only does it make it more enjoyable, it also makes your clean up routine quicker (or at least that’s what it feels like). With the […]

How to Clean Through Back Pain

The twisting, hauling and crouching of our weekly cleaning routine can sometimes be more strenuous than hitting the gym. But, for those with back pain, it can often be too much, causing muscle strain that leaves them bent and hobbled for days. Protect your spine with some helpful tips and a few tweaks to the […]

Popular Household Filters That Need TLC

There’s cleaning know-how that somehow never makes it out to the masses. So, given the line of business we’re in, and the times we’re living in, we’re going to repeat some information that you’ve heard from us in the past, that we think is worth repeating because we want to help keep you and your […]

Keeping Alexa & Your Google Home Device Dust-free

Alexa, Is it going to rain today? Ok Google, what sound does a whale make? These are just a few of the more popular queries asked of our smart speakers. Canadians across the country rely on them to perform a variety of tasks from streaming music, to setting alarms, playing games and calculating pounds into […]

Bread Making Clean-up Made Easy

For those that celebrate Easter, one of the highlights is baking and eating endless culinary delights. One of the darlings of Easter baking is Braided Easter Egg Bread, very popular in Europe and other countries that observe Easter. If you’re not familiar, it’s a sweetened, yeasted dough with colourful dyed eggs baked right into the […]

How to Clean Your Home During a Pandemic

With the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada now in the hundreds, health organizations are imploring Canadians to self-isolate in order to flatten the curve. Studies are showing that the virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to three days, so if you’re bringing anything inside your home, like groceries, it’s essential to make […]

Five Instant Kitchen Deodorizers

Some cooking smells delight the senses, invoking memories of homemade cookies and mom’s famous apple pie. While other less appealing scents linger, like seafood, haunting your home for days. If your favourite meal falls into the latter category, try one of the following deodorizers so it can stay on the menu. 1. Lemons A lemon […]

Cleaning Mistakes That Make Your Home Dirtier

With the arrival of spring, the snap of rubber gloves can be heard across the country. It’s time to open the windows, let in the fresh air, and clean away every reminder of winter. But, before you get started, beware of the Dirty Half-Dozen. These cleaning mistakes will actually make your home dirtier than it […]

Household Chores to Help Your Child Grow

At some point, every parent wonders how old kids should be in order to start assigning weekly chores. Truth is, there is no magic number because kids mature at different rates. What might be appropriate for one child may be too much for another. What we know for sure is that helping out around the […]

How to Safely Store Cleaning Supplies

If you’re like most people, your stash of cleaning supplies is probably beneath the kitchen sink. But sometimes you probably wonder if that’s the best place to keep them, right? The answer is that it’s handy to keep some of them there, but not the place for all of them. Consider the following guidelines, especially […]

Green Clean Guarantee from MOLLY MAID

When it comes to keeping families safe and protected from germs and harsh chemicals, green cleaning just makes sense. At MOLLY MAID Canada, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right balance between protecting the environment and maintaining a clean, healthy home. An Eco-Friendly Effort In order to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment, […]

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