SevenWays to Celebrate the Winter Olympics

Seven Ways to Celebrate the Winter Olympics The Winter Olympics are scheduled to begin on February 24th in Beijing. These international games are a great opportunity to teach your children about different countries, sports and sportsmanship. Here are seven fun ways to keep track of the games and celebrate this amazing event. Hold your own […]

Do Your Elderly Parents Need a Cleaning Service?

Who wouldn't love to have their home cleaned by a residential cleaning company like MOLLY MAID! With the busy lives we all lead these days, having a maid service do the cleaning saves valuable time. Sometimes having professional house cleaners becomes a necessity. You may have a disability or in the case of retired persons, […]

How to Warm up your Home – and Not Turn up the Heat

When it's cold outside, there are many different ways to warm up without turning up the thermostat. MOLLY MAID, which provides professional residential maid services, has gathered these great energy efficient tips. 1. Open curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun in – and close them again at night to keep out […]

Re-think the Laundry Room and Make More Room with Less

The laundry room is all about dirty clothes, isn't it? But you can organize the space to keep it cleaner and tidier. MOLLY MAID, the professional house cleaning company, provides these ideas and tips so you never trip over a pile of clothes again! Smart Appliances: Combination and stackable washers and dryers used to be […]

Bad Weather = Good Fun Activities

Need a day off – with the kids? When the weather outside is frightful, gather your children and do a fun activity together. Here are some great ideas: Play an outdoor game with inside rules.For example, for a game of balloon volleyball, use a long piece of yarn to create a net. String it across […]

MOLLY MAID Method: How to have a Squeaky Clean Bathroom All the Time

It's easier and less time-consuming to keep a bathroom clean if you do it on a regular basis. The goal is to maintain the room's cleanliness instead of letting dirt, mildew and soap scum build up. The expert house cleaners at MOLLY MAID provide these bathroom cleaning tips – and everyday habits: Keep a small […]

Save Time with Easy Dinner Shortcuts

Need a day off? Let’s face it: We never have enough spare time. Here are some delicious ways to free up some time – by cutting a few corners at dinner time. Pizza night: Bake a frozen pizza (there are so many now to choose from in the grocery store), or have a pizza delivered. […]

Forget-me-not: 5 Chores that Probably Need Doing

A clean house makes you feel fabulous, doesn't it? However, sometimes there are areas of your house that need cleaning, but they just keep missing the must-clean list. Here, MOLLY MAID professional house cleaners highlight five of those often-forgotten cleaning chores. 1. WALLS: Letting fingerprints, smudges or marks accumulate on painted walls means you may […]

8 Neat January Outings with your Family

8 Neat January Outings with your Family Need a day off? What can you do when it’s cold and dreary – and your kids have got cabin fever? Here are 8 activities that will keep everyone happy. Visit a Museum: Most museums have one time a week or month when it’s free to get in […]

How Sweet it isn't: Garbage and Trash Can 101

The garbage container seems to be one of the toughest areas to keep clean – and no wonder, it's used countless times every day and often in a hurry. The professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID have created this guide to keeping garbage sorted and garbage containers clean. WIPE IT DOWN:  Keep the lids and […]

The Real Dirt on why you should Hire a Cleaning Service

Need a day off? In a study by (the people who make the Neato robot vacuum), 90 percent of women feel ‘time saving‘ is the most important feature of using a robot vacuum cleaner. MOLLY MAID knows that time saving is also one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service, such […]

10 Great Habits that will help keep your Home Cleaner for Longer

There are a lot of 'cleaning' shortcuts you can use to avoid dirt and clutter from piling up – and it will. The solution (and a great resolution for the New Year) is to take a piece-meal approach to cleaning. The professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID provide these tricks of the trade: 1. Clutter-less: […]

Happy Holidays: Enjoy this Special Time with Friends and Family

As the song says, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Share it with your friends and family by having fun at seasonal events. The entire cleaning team at MOLLY MAID wishes everyone a wonderful season. Lights on High – Find a neighbourhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations and lights and spend […]

Why you Should Care about Mattress Care

Here are a few tips from the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID to help keep your mattress in the best and most comfortable shape.

A Fresh Start in the Kitchen

Now is the perfect time to clean and reorganize the kitchen pantry and cupboards so foods are fresh and you can find everything when you need it. Here’s how.

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