Stop Ignoring Your Gutters 

Stop Ignoring Your Gutters Gutter maintenance is essential in the fall. As the trees drop their leaves they get caught in the eaves troughs, which doesn’t allow rain to drain properly. Debris and pooling water it may sound innocent, but it can lead to holes and leaks, or much worse: a wet basement, leaky roof or […]

Cleaning Accidents 101

Cleaning Accidents 101 Slipping or falling while working around the house can happen in the blink of an eye! Most of us keep watch over young kids, big kids or ageing parents, but it’s also important to consider our own safety when cleaning. Accident prevention is something we have to think about all the time, […]

Bust the Dust!

Bust the Dust! There are some household items and furnishings that attract more dust than others. Although it may seem like there’s nothing you can do to stop the accumulation, there are in fact secret ways! Cole Cheema, our Molly Maid cleaning expert in Vancouver, has a few dust-busting suggestions that he urges everyone to […]

Bake for Summer’s Celebrations Without Turning on the Stove

Bake for Summer’s Long Weekend Celebrations Without Turning on the Stove On a hot summer day, the last thing most of us want to do is turn on the stove to bake a child’s birthday cake, cupcakes for a baby shower, or our in constant-demand cheesecake for a family potluck. But the celebrations, even if […]

Face Masks: This Year’s Back-to-School Essential

Face Masks: This Year’s Back-to-School Essential The first day of school is fast approaching, which means it’s time to make a game plan to keep our kids safe. One of the strategies proposed by school boards is that children over the age of 10 (grades 4-12) must wear a face mask. Luckily, it’s something kids […]

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Grill

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Grill Cooking outside on the barbecue is one of the best things about summer. Whether it’s a steak, a hamburger, or portobello mushrooms, the seared taste of the grill can’t be beat! But it’s important to keep the grill clean, says Marla Milberg, cleaning expert at Molly Maid Toronto […]

Lost & Found: 3 Places to Keep Your Keys

Lost & Found: 3 Places to Keep Your Keys How many times a day do you misplace your keys? If you have a keychain with multiple keys, the sheer bulk of them may make them harder to lose. But with so many cars now having a push button start, the key is less of a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Floors

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Floors Here’s an A to Z guide on how to clean all types of flooring. Of course, check with the manufacturer for the recommended cleaning procedure as warranties on products might become void if cleaning recommendations are not followed. Ceramic Flooring Mop ceramic floors with water. Follow with a dry […]

The Summer of Gazpacho

The Summer of Gazpacho The word on the street this summer is that people are a little, a lot, burnt out when it comes to food shopping, food prepping and kitchen duties. Sure, in late winter and early spring it was fun learning to grow our sourdough scoobies, and expanding our culinary techniques. But summer’s […]

Road Trip Tips to Keep the Car Clean

Road Trip Tips to Keep the Car Clean Summer is a wonderful time to pack up and set out on the open road. And keeping your car clean and tidy during the long haul is key to a great adventure—whether you have a set destination or no destination at all. With this in mind, Vanessa […]

4 Unique Ways to Use A Pool Noodle

4 Unique Ways to Use A Pool Noodle The pool noodle hit beaches and backyards across Canada in the summer of 1980. And did you know it was invented right here in Canada? A relatively simple idea created by Steve Hartman, CEO and president of Industrial Thermal Polymers, it soon became an essential summer accessory. […]

Make Your Own Homemade Iced Capp

Make Your Own Homemade Iced Capp One fascinating thing that quarantine has revealed is that many of our take-out favourites can actually be made at home. Homemade artisanal breads opened the floodgates to the DIY revolution! Thanks to Google, we’ve learnt that a simple ‘how to’ inquiry can transform the average culinary novice into an […]

How to Protect Your Pets from Summer Pests

How to Protect Your Pets from Summer Pests For our four legged friends, summer is nothing but endless fun, with long hikes in the woods, squirrel chasing, frisbee catching, siestas in the shade of a tree, and swimming at the beach. But along with seasonal fun and relaxation comes the nuisance of summer pests. As […]

Time to Clean Out Your Drawers

Time to Clean Out Your Drawers We all have a junk drawer that is so jam packed we can barely open it. But is that your only dirty secret? Dresser drawers are typically less chaotic, but during the week they too can run amok as we make multiple wardrobe changes. This week, take the bull […]

Reusable Face Masks 101

Reusable Face Masks 101 The benefits of wearing a mask in public during the coronavirus outbreak are obvious. It not only keeps you safe, but also those around you. In fact, until we have a vaccine, we need to consider a reusable mask as part of our everyday ensemble. Like shoes, a mask is now […]

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